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Projscope Tasks

Projscope Tasks is a clean, simple and offline desktop task management tool build with Kanban methodology in mind! Dragging a task between areas will speed up task management and improve overall clarity.

Projscope Tasks was developed for personal needs to manage variety of small software projects. It easily performs both with software and non software task management needs.

Tech Stack: Electron, Angular, Typescript, CrossPlatform [Windows, Linux]

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Vrec - Android voice recorder

This project sprouted during the formative years of the Android platform. It stands as a testament to the innovative spirit that flourished as the Android ecosystem took its initial steps.

Embarking on this project, my primary objective was to thoroughly investigate an Android ecosystem. By immersing myself in this exploration, I sought to not only expand my own understanding but also contribute valuable insights to the larger developer community.

Tech Stack: Android, Mobile, Java

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Protect an Island - Game concept

Crafted with the intention of evaluating how well the game mechanics resonate with the player, the game concept serves as a dynamic testing ground.

In essence, the creation of this game concept embodies a dual purpose - a quest to harmonize mechanics with player expectations and an avenue for me to cultivate and showcase my skills in Unity.

Tech Stack: Unity3D, Game Engine, C#, Mobile

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Projscope Music Player

Emerging as a heartfelt tribute to the iconic Winamp player, this desktop application pays homage to a beloved classic while embarking on a fresh and captivating journey.

Rooted in the spirit of exploration, it serves as a testament to the boundless possibilities that arise when passion and ingenuity intertwine.

Tech Stack: Electron, Angular, Typescript, CrossPlatform [Windows, Linux]

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