Journey of this case study started with client approached us to with request to develop certain functionality related to GPS capabilities of the programmable hardware device. The main idea was to handle cases with GPS coordinates report under various conditions. As a first initial research was done in respect of the device, its capabilities, documentation coverage and etc.

The next step is to implement the mentioned GPS capabilities. This involves working closely with the device manufacturer documentation, APIs and development tools. The SDK provides a set of tools, libraries, and APIs that enable developers to leverage the device’s GPS capabilities effectively. By following best practices and adhering to the documentation provided, the GPS functionality is seamlessly integrated into the software, allowing for accurate positioning and tracking under various conditions.


After the initial implementation, rigorous testing is conducted to ensure that the GPS capable software functions as intended. This involves simulating various scenarios, such as different GPS signal strengths, indoor and outdoor environments, and different user interactions.

The software is thoroughly tested to identify any bugs, glitches, or performance issues that may arise. Any identified issues are addressed promptly, and the software is refined to enhance its performance and reliability. This iterative process ensures that the final software meets the highest standards of quality and functionality.

Meeting Client Expectations

The success of developing GPS capable software with the device is measured by how well it meets the client’s expectations. Throughout the development process, regular communication and collaboration with the client are maintained to ensure that their requirements are understood and incorporated into the software.

By leveraging the capabilities of the device and implementing robust GPS functionalities, the final result exceeds the client’s expectations. The software provides accurate and reliable GPS positioning, enabling users to track their location with ease. The client is satisfied with the outcome, as the software not only meets their requirements but also offers a user-friendly and intuitive interface.

Programable hardware with GPS capabilities

The client received a product that met their requirements and expectations, delivered within the specified deadline.

Step 01


From the initial proof of concept to the ultimate outcome, we ensure alignment with the client's expectations at every stage.

Step 02


Typically we need to have right tools to work with the device through manufacturer APIs and SDKs.

Step 03

Development and Testing

Development and testing while maintaining transparent communication with the client.

Step 04

Delivery to client

We actively involve the client in providing feedback to ensure that the outcomes meet their expectations and satisfaction.